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Art is beautiful, but it creates a lot of work (Karl Valentin)

I regret buying entrance to a rather experimental exhibition at Lenbachhaus – Kunstbau made of the unpacked art to be placed back in Lenbachhaus after the renovation. Once again I felt that people have to be paid to enter museums, as proposed by Piroschka Dossi, and not as it is today, where people pay money to spend some time in an often dull or dubious space.

By contrast, no regrets paying for those: 1,2,3,4.

Berlin in the 20’s

I haven’t bought the book “Berlin – Die 20er Jahre: Kunst und Kultur in der Weimarer Republik 1918-1933” because I have plenty of books waiting to be read, plenty of  photo albums to be carefully inspected, and really little time to read at home.

source: http://www.amazon.de/Berlin-Kultur-Weimarer-Republik-1918-1933/dp/3902510420
image source

I wanted to buy it because it describes an era full of graphical detail, beautiful architecture and beginnings of modern art. It contains many pictures that appealed to me while I had the book in my arms at Hugendubel in Berlin.

The Stendhal syndrome was brooding inside my chest, but then I thought to myself: I’ll find more on Google Image Search. With a relatively large monitor, I’ll be able to zoom into pictures in case the original allows for it, and search and bookmark facts. All – for no extra cent. In case I really want it, I can still buy it later.