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Berlin in the 20’s

I haven’t bought the book “Berlin – Die 20er Jahre: Kunst und Kultur in der Weimarer Republik 1918-1933” because I have plenty of books waiting to be read, plenty of  photo albums to be carefully inspected, and really little time to read at home.

source: http://www.amazon.de/Berlin-Kultur-Weimarer-Republik-1918-1933/dp/3902510420
image source

I wanted to buy it because it describes an era full of graphical detail, beautiful architecture and beginnings of modern art. It contains many pictures that appealed to me while I had the book in my arms at Hugendubel in Berlin.

The Stendhal syndrome was brooding inside my chest, but then I thought to myself: I’ll find more on Google Image Search. With a relatively large monitor, I’ll be able to zoom into pictures in case the original allows for it, and search and bookmark facts. All – for no extra cent. In case I really want it, I can still buy it later.