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Baby Carrots

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I didn’t buy “manufactured” baby carrots for a healthy after-lunch snack today. My limited experience with these cute plant creatures has been that of a friendship gone sour – almost literally. A couple of years ago I found those on shelves of supermarkets in plastic packaging and bought them eagerly without actually thinking, what I was eating. A couple of times the carrots did not have a perfect carrot taste – they looked translucent and tasted of nothing. Another time they smelled slightly sour, and eating just one upset my stomach. Then I’ve started to notice the visual difference – the more vapor there was inside the plastic packaging, the more rotten the contents were. Recently, I haven’t been seeing good quality manufactured baby carrots, so I’d rather even seize check the vapor in hope of a good specimen.

The same sadly applied to pre-cut salads, so now before buying one for lunch I’d check the vapor at the bottom of the container – if the drops start to coalesce, I’d rather not buy it. That’s quite unfortunate that the logistics of the pre-cut salads are so fragile, otherwise I’d lunch off them every workday.